Managed IT Support


"To be the IT provider of choice for our customers and business partners, thus enabling our Clients to prosper!"


Our support is only a phone call away with our lines open from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


With technology so heavily implemented in our everyday lives and at work, any downtime is an impact on your business.


WorldGuard provides efficient and friendly IT support for desktops, servers, networking devices and applications. If you depend on your IT infrastructure for your business, it is important to ensure that your IT support provider is responsive and effective. Ideally, they should also be pre-emptive. WorldGuard is all of those things. When we look after your systems as your support provider we will monitor your systems, perform routine maintenance, and in many cases catch problems before they begin to affect your end users. When a problem pops up that interrupts your or your employees’ work, we will fix it remotely or onsite, and in record time.



Windows and Mac Support

At WorldGuard our team have many years experience working in the IT industry. From single home computers to offices with over 20 computers and multiple servers, so no mater how big or small you small business is, we can service and maintain your office IT equipment. 

Not only do we support Windows, but also Macintosh and some linux



Cloud Services

Office365 Products

What is it? And is it beneficial to us?

These are the two main questions we receive, and the answer is neither yes or no. We could give the technical answer, but Wikipedia does that for us. In friendly terms, the cloud is where we use the internet to store our information  and use services (such as email) for our everyday use. There are numerous benefits, but only if it fits your business or lifestyle.

WorldGuard has long been established with Microsoft, and Office 365 is Microsoft's online collaboration cloud solution. Office 365 is a fantastic service, and best of all, you can choose as much functionality as you need. So let us know what you’re requirements are, and WorldGuard will do the rest.

Data Protection

We are always amazed with how many new clients do not have proper backups for their systems and data. At WorldGuard we use proven enterprise backup software that is reliable, robust and feature rich.

So the question we ask is: "How important is you data"? 

It's not until it’s gone do people realise how important their data is. WorldGuard provides backup solutions that are tailored to your needs, but the best protection is always going to be with onsite backups as well as offsite backups. WorldGuard can provide best of breed backups with our third party alliances.

This is on area of our work that we put a lot of effort and resources into to ensure your data and systems are safe from accidental deletion, crypto virus, or a hardware failure.

 See thru safe


Some of Our Valued Clients

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