Peace Of Mind For you and Your Family

OUR UNBELIEVABLE PRICING - $20/month/computer

Peace of mind for your computers and data to be safe is something that can't be quantified in dollar terms. So we decided to make our support irresistibly  affordable.

We will install all the software and ensure the initial backup completes, remove any malware, trojans and virus' and start our monitoring for a small fee of $88.00. After that, if you need our remote support, we only bill you in thirty minute increments, saving you even more money, but more importantly we get you up and running in no time at all. You can even call us if you need help with something like Excel formula's, Word, Email, just ask. 


At WorldGuard we have been using Enterprise software for our larger clients, and we now offer the same software to our SME clients. Our solution has four components

  1. Backup software - that will backup your data  on an hourly basis during business hours.
  2. Antivirus software - that we monitor and check on a daily basis.
  3. Monitoring software - that checks the health of your computer on a daily basis
  4. Remote Support software -we assist you when you need us.
  5. No call out fees.
  6. $20 off our hourly rate.
  7. No lock in contracts

With our support you can get on with your business knowing your computers will do their job when you need them most!

Backup error


At WorldGuard we have seen many people lose sensitive data due to a failed backup that they thought was working. The loss had significant impact on their business and personal lives, and the only recurse was to recreate years of work. It is because of this  that we decided that one of our visions is:

"No Small Business or Individual is to lose their precious files and pictures!"