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Today I had an interesting problem that took a couple of days to realise, but thanks to Google I found the solution very quickly.


Outlook 2013


After my computer crashed and I reinstalled everything and put all my files back in place from my backup, my Outlook 2013 refused to send emails unless it was through my Exchange server. Added to this my CRM provider which I also use for email is under a Denial Of Service attack. So I assumed the problem with these emails was related to the DOS. It turns out it wasn't, as my emails after the weekend were still not being sent. It turns out there is a known problem with Outlook 2013 and Windows 10 where Outlook 2013 will not send out emails. However, when you set up the account under setting and click on the test button, the test email gets sent. This gives you the false impression that your settings are working, when in fact they aren't. Now don't go change any settings as there is nothing wrong with them, but the fault is with some system files that get installed or upgraded from Windows 10. 


So how do I fix this?Outlook 2013 Fix Part a

Good question, and luckily the answer is an easy one. You will need to run a command that will check and repair system files on the computer. First we need to start a command box in Administrator mode. To do this click on the sindows icon and type in cmd. Once you have done this you will see the command prompts icon, RIGHT click on this and select "Run as Administrator" (see photo on the right)

A black screen will appear (command window), and you type in sfc /scannow, and then hit Enter. This will run the program that will fix the files. Once it's finished (about 10 mins), restart your computer and your email will be back to normal again.

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