Backup error

Backup, Backup, Backup!!!

I have to admit it is starting to effect me that I have received another phone call with someone requesting to help with missing files and not having a good backup (this time emails in Outlook). It is very frustrating that for such a small amount of money we can ensure your files and information is safe. In this case this gentleman’s archive had lost numerous emails dating back six years.

He let me log into his laptop and it turns out he is using a backup company called Mozy which is working, however it only keeps a copy of the current files, and no history. Now this is an important point; if you delete a file on your computer, it is gone from the backup once it updates. Not Good! No history. No recovery.

So what should you look for in a backup? Well the key points that we think are a minimum requirement

  • minimum daily (we do a backup every 30 mins)
  • it must have settings to include how long the backup is retained (1 mth – 3 mths – 3 yrs)
  • able to restore an individual file or the whole computer
  • it must be monitored and email you when it fails
  • test on a regular basis (at least 6 monthly)

It really isn’t hard to keep your files safe. So please check that your backup is actually working for you if the worst case scenario happens. At SOHOCS, we can provide both onsite and offsite backups, but as a minimum use our monthly service for your Peace of Mind.

For more information go to our information page on backing up your computer, and hopefully you will realise the importance of backing up your systems or files, and just as important, making sure they are working for when you need them.


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