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This weeks post is about a subject that has been raging for quite some time, and that is the PC verses the tablet. For the Apple die hards that I know, they're of the opinion that the PC is on it's way out, and tablets are the thing of the future. With cloud computing becoming more accepted and more services become available, you could be led into this being a fair hypothesis. But the truth of the matter, and something that I have believed infor quite some time, the tablet is just not able to meet the needs of the more complex functions that a PC does. Photo editing, online web services, accessing files, printing and the list goes on. Sure there are apps that you can get, but they're not the same and more often than not more cumbersome.

That's where companies like Intel are now getting creative and building new "PC's" that come on a stick. You can plug them in your TV, in your friends computer and any other device that can support it. Add to that a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you're up and running


There is a linkedin article written by John Fortt where he talks about this new concept, but I wonder if this is just an interim step to us going back to a terminal screen, or Web Computer. In the early days when I started in computing we used a "terminal" which was a screen that talked to a main fame computer that executed all the commands, which then displayed the results back to the terminal. Although primitive compared to today's systems, it was the baby brother to the cloud. Now, the main frame is "The Net", and through any device you access "Your Account". Maybe the tablet will evolve to be more PC like, as is the case with the PC becoming more tablet, but for the moment I'm not sure how usable these are for everyday use.


That's where Microsoft are staying competitive with the Surface Pro 4. Although a little more expensive, this platform for me is the best solution so far. I have a Dell XPS 12 with a flip screen, and it has been a solid and fantastic unit. It's portable, can be used on my desktop, I link it to multiple screens through a dock, and all the functionality I need is in this one device. Gizmodov reviewed the Pro 4, and like them, I think it's a solid unit that ticks all the boxes. The Surface is the next generation PC that I will be looking at purchasing.

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